Python and SQL Programming: 2 Books in 1: Python Coding and SQL Coding for Beginners


This audiobook introduces its listeners to two of the foremost programming languages: Python and SQL. The two books in this audiobook include Python Coding and SQL Coding for Beginners.

Python Coding:

Python is one of the sophisticated machine languages used to program a computer today. It can be used to code virtually all computer operations, which means it would likely suit what you have in mind, too.

It is used, far and wide, by standard computer and top tech firms, which is one reason every brilliant programmer should learn and understand Python machine programming. A unique feature of Python is that it can easily be understood by humans, unlike most other computer languages.

There is a wide range of functions you can perform with Python, and you would have access to them all and how to apply them like a pro in this book. Among others, this audiobook will guide you from a beginner who has no idea what programming entails to a pro who can smartly code any computer operation.

Neural network is one of the basics you need to understand, and you will definitely find a an overview of the neural networks, as well as the processes of the neural networks in here. Algorithms is another concept that you need to understand from top to bottom.

The author realizes this and so dedicates a whole chapter to carefully take you through the process of optimizing your machine learning system with algorithm. Apart from discovering series of programmatic ways you can try, you would also get grips to deeper textual and social media data. The only part some experts do not understand is how to organize data using pre-processing techniques. You would certainly not have that problem as it is well analyzed in this book.

SQL Coding for Beginners:

Structured Query Language (SQL) is one of the foremost programming languages used to coordinate your data when saved in relational databases. A lot of firms appreciate SQL due to the simplicity in its instructional coding. This feature is a top reason you might like to try SQL, too.

Though, there are other features, you would find the full function of the code in this book. Oftentimes, users are weighed down and distracted from using SQL by the fact that it is technical. It involves data, tables, and column navigation.

The author understands the fear of the learners here and so makes this one of the best informational books. It details a step-by-step explanation of how to correctly install SQL developer as a novice, down to the methods with which you can work with data, tables, and columns. There are different types of data and this audiobook teaches the various methods through which one can different them and how you can ensure integrity of your data.

You need to learn how to create database in order to conveniently navigate with SQL, and there is a different chapter for that in this book, alongside proper administration of your database.

Security, SQL injections, pivoting data in SQL, and other such relevant items are clearly explained in this book. This is why paying close attention to all items in this book is enough to make you a top SQL coder.


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